I had a student named Robert.
Robert was a gay man
and he was taking an on-line course I have,
a part of which entails e-mail access to me.
And he outlined all of the grim realities of his life.
In his job, all the people ganged up on him.
And it was constantly stressful
because of how nasty they all have been.
When he walked down the street, he said,
in every block he was accosted by homophobic people
;在每个街区, 都有些敌视同性恋的人找他麻烦
who wanted to abuse him in some way.
He was wanting to become a stand-up comedian.
And when he went out and did the stand-up comedy job
everybody hackled him about being gay.
;在场的每个人都会嘲笑他, 因为他是一个同性恋.
And his whole life was one of a lot of unhappiness and misery
and it all focused around this idea of being attacked because he was gay.
I began to teach him that he was focusing on what he did not want.
I have directed him back to his e-mail that he sent me and I said,
;我让他看他自己发给我的邮件, 说:
read it again, ;再读一下,
look at all the things you do not want
that you’re telling me about,
and I can tell you’re very passionate about this;
when you focus on something with a lot of passion
it makes it happen even faster.
And then he really started taking this thing about
focusing on what you want to hurt.
And he began really trying.
What happened within the next six to eight weeks
was absolutely a miracle.
He said that all the people in his office
that had been harassing him
either transferred to another department
or quit working at the company
or started totally leaving him alone.
And he began to love his job.
He noticed that when he was walking down the street
that nobody came up to him and harassed him anymore.
They just weren’t there.
When he went and did his stand-up comedy
he started getting standing ovations
and nobody was hackling him.
His whole life changed
because he changed from focusing
on what he did not want,
what he was afraid of, what he wanted to avoid,
to focusing on what he did want.
So we may be very positive in our outlook and orientation,
and we tend to attract positive people
and positive events and circumstances.
We may be very negative in our orientation, very angry,
in which case we tend to attract negative, angry people
and negative , angry circumstances.
And so you end up attracting to you
the predominate thought that you’re holding in your awareness.
Whether those thoughts are conscious
or whether they’re unconscious,
that’s the rub.
If you look very carefully
when it comes to the secret, the power of our mind,
the power of our attention in our daily lives
it’s all around us.
All we gotta do is open our eyes
and look. ;去认识
You see Law of Attraction evidenced in your society
when you see that the one who speaks most of illness – has it,
when you see that the one who speaks most of prosperity – has it.
Law of Attraction is evident everywhere around you
if you’re understanding what it is.
It has to do with you being a magnet,
attracting thought, attracting people,
attracting events, attracting life style.
Indeed everything that you bring into your experience,
you bring because of this powerful Law of Attraction.

I mean, I’m not talking to you from the point of view of just wishful thinking or imaginary, craziness.
I’m talking to you from a deeper basic understanding.
Quantum physics really begins to point to this discovery.
It says that you can’t have a Universe without mind entering into it.
The mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived.
Now, if you do not understand,
that doesn’t mean you should reject that.
You don’t understand the electricity properly.
First of all, no one even knows what electricity is.
And yet you enjoy the benefits off it.
Do you know how it works?
I don’t know how it works. ;我不知道。
But I do know this: ;但我知道这点:
that you can cook a man’s dinner with electricity
and you can also cook the man.
People often, at times when they begin to understand the great secret,? they get frightened of all of these negative thoughts that they have.
Two things you need to be aware of.
One: it is been proven now scientifically that an affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought.
So, that eliminates a degree of worry right there.
People often, at times when they begin to understand the great secret,
they get frightened
of all of these negative thoughts that they have.
Two things you need to be aware of.
One: it is been proven now scientifically
that an affirmative thought
is hundreds of times more powerful
than a negative thought.
So, that eliminates a degree
of worry right there.
;因此, 这个事实可以消除你不少忧虑.
You live in a reality where
there is this buffer of time.
;你生活在这样一个世界: 时间是带有缓冲的.
And truly, that serves you.
;实际上, 这对你有利.
You’re really not wanting to be
in an environment where
your thoughts manifest immediately.
The evidence is long and coming
and that is really a good thing.
So, you want to become
aware of your thoughts,
;因此, 你需要注意你的思想,
you want to choose your
thoughts carefully
and you wanna have fun with this.
Because, you are the masterpiece
of your own life.
You are the Michelangelo of your own life.
The David that you are sculpting is you.
And you do it with your thoughts.
The leaders in the past
who had the secret
;过去, 那些知道这个秘密领袖人物们
wanted to keep the power,
and not share the power.
;想把这个秘密保守起来, 不与大家分享它的威力
So, they kept people
ignorant of the secret.
People went to work,
they did their job, they came home.
;大家工作,干活, 回家
With no power, because
the secret was kept in the few.
(With前面缺了一句,好像是“They run on a track road”)

We live in a Universe in which there are laws.
Just as there’s Law of Gravity;
if you fall off the building,
it doesn’t matter whether you’re
a good person or a bad person,
you’re gonna hit the ground.
Everything that surround you
right now in your life,
including the things you’re
complaining about,
you’ve attracted.
Now, I know at first blush,
that’s gonna be something that
;嗯, 我知道, 初听起来, 这个说法
(at first blush: 一眼看上去)
you hate to hear.
You’re gonna immediately say
I didn’t attract the car accident,
I didn’t attract this particular client,
I didn’t particularly attract the debt,
I didn’t attract…whatever it happens
to be that you’re complaining about.
And I’m here to be
a little bit in your face
and to say
“yes, you did attract it”.
;我要告诉你: “是的, 是你吸引了它们”.
And this is one of the hardest
concepts to get.
But once you’ve accepted it,
it’s life-transforming.
This is part of the overall
giant secret here.
And most of us attract by default.
We just think that we don’t
have any control over it,
our thoughts are on auto-pilot,
our feelings are on auto-pilot
and so everything is just
brought to us by default.
Now, if this is your first time to hear this
it may feel like:
“oh, I have to now monitor my thoughts,
this is gonna be a lot of work”.
It will seem like that at first,
but that’s where the fun begins.
We do not encourage that you
try to monitor your thoughts.
That would sort of make you crazy.
There are so many thoughts
coming to you from so
many different directions
about so many different subjects.
That’s where your emotional
guidance system comes in.
Your emotions,
your emotional guidance system
is what helps you to understand
what you’re thinking.
So, your thoughts cause your feelings.
The emotions are this incredible
gift that we have.
To let us know what we’re attracting.
There are only two emotions
from our perspective.
One feels good and one feels bad.
You call them all sorts of different things,
but essentially all of those negative emotions,
whether you call it guilt
or anger, or frustration,
all feel much the same
– they do not feel good.
;它们带来的感觉都一样 – 它们让你感觉很不好.
And all of those, our guidance saying,
;所有的这些感觉, 是我们的导向系统在告诉我们,
that what you’re thinking about right now
is not in line with
what you are really wanting.
On another level, it’s called “bad frequency”
or “bad vibes” or whatever you wanna call it.
The one that feels good,
that feeling of hope or happiness or love,
that good feeling,
that positive emotion is, guidance saying,
that what you’re thinking right now
is in alignment with what you’re want.
So, it’s really so simple.
It’s right there. The answers are:
秘密就在这里. 答案就是:
what am I attracting right now?
How do you feel? I feel good.
我感觉如何? 我感觉良好.
Well good. keep doing that.
Our feelings are a feedback mechanism to us
about whether we’re on track or not,
whether we’re on course or off course.
The better you feel,
the more in alignment you are.
The worse you feel,
the more out of alignment you are.
What you are doing is
you are moving through the variety
of your day-to-day experience;
is you’re offering thoughts
that are literally formulating
your future experience.
And you can tell by the way you feel
if the things that you’re moving toward
will please you when you get there.

And you’re getting exactly what you’re feeling about,
not so much what you’re thinking about.
That’s why people
if they stub their toe, out of bed,
they tend to spiral.
The whole day goes like that, you know.
They have no clue
that a simple shifting of their emotions
can change their entire day, and life.
If you start out having a good day
and you’re in that particular happy feeling,
as long as you don’t allow
something to change your mood,
you’re gonna continue to attract,
by the Law of Attraction,
more situations, circumstances, people
that sustain that happy feeling.
Good days, bad days, rich get richer, poor gets poorer…
it’s all about what these people are
predominately and continually feeling.
You can begin, right now, to feel healthy.
You can begin to feel prosperous.
You can begin to feel the love that surrounding you
;你可以现在就感觉到那围绕着你的爱 –
even if it’s not there.
And what will happen is the Universe will correspond
to the nature of your song,
the Universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling
and manifest,
because that’s the way you feel.
So basically, what you focus on with thought and feeling
is what you’re attracting to your experience
whether or not it’s something you want.
It’s hard to swallow,
but when we can begin to open
ourselves up to that
ramifications are awesome.
It means that whatever thought
has done in your life,
it can be undone
;都是可以被”回复”或”撤销”的 –
through a shift in your awareness.